My Story. 

 We left Scotland my wife and me, in 2003 for Spain as we wanted to try a different lifestyle with a better climate.  The decission was not easy due to family living in Scotland, but it was now or never as life was passing by ever so fast. We are now living in Ciudad Quesada which is our third move of house.

The lifestyle here is much better and the sun is out 300 days a year with no harsh winters especialy here on the Costa Blanca. Although over 20 years here we still miss our family a lot in Scotland .

Margaret speaks Spanish but unfortunately I have not managed to pick it up even with lots of lessons. Yes a lot of Spanish speak English, but usualy not the ones you need to understand you. ie doctors, police and town hall staff.

I had three careers in Scotland.   1. Demolition,  2 Television Broadcasting, 3. Health.
No,  none of them overlaped or were like each other. So I have had three complettely different careers.  Now here in Spain I am back to Broadcasting (You Tube), which of course is a hobby.

So after more than 20 years here I think I have enough knowledge to help anyone thinking of coming to Spain to stay as an ex-pat.  Or I can enlist Margaret whom I mentioned , speaks Spanish. So if you need help or assistance contact us.  ( E-Mail ). 
Bueno Dias.